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Oregon vineyards produce wines that reflect the essence of the soil, the weather and the clear water filtered through the rolling hills. Being surrounded by wide swaths of different fruit orchards has contributed to the complex flavor layers of our wines.

Orchard Heights Wines are modern and upscale wines that are truly vintage in using exclusive grapes that grow in the region.  The winery is famous for its Pinot Noir and Pinot Gris, both multiple award winners, and are also well known for our Oregon Riesling and estate-grown Gewurztraminer.

  Wine Description
  PINOT NOIR has a rich, tart flavor of cherry pie along with a touch of mellow oak that splendidly rounds off this wine.
  CABERNET SAUVINON has layered aromas and flavors of cassis, black cherries, and currants. This wine exhibits an elegant harmony of fruit and oak.
  MERLOT has a wealth of wild blackberry and cassis flavors. Intimations of coffee and vanilla oak spice gives this wine the long lasting finish.
  SYRAH has classic black pepper flavors, loaded with ripe currant and a touch of toasty oak.
  PINOT GRIS is rich in fruit flavors reminiscent of ripe melon, pears and citrus. This full-bodied, lush white wine is excellent with many foods.
  RIESLING is semi-sweet with a beautiful bouquet, tasting of fresh green apples, vanilla bean, nectarines, peaches and sun-ripened pears. Mineral nuances lift the body of the Riesling grape and give it a refreshing delicacy.
GEWURZTRAMINER is made of grapes exclusively handpicked from our own vineyard. This wine offers a complex cornucopia of flavors such as grapefruit, apple, pear, and citrus. Its smooth, silky texture abounds with aromas of fresh fruit and a light bouquet of tangerine. The finish is refreshing and sweet with a hint of spicy apple.